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We need each employee to be effective in delivering the services that the client needs. This can only be achieved by marshalling years or experience and education into the single objective. But, with the changing environment of technology comes the constant need to keep updating skills set. openace invests in its employees for three reasons that are heavily interconnected.

Top most is the employee’s desires not to have the existing skillet go state. No technology professional wants to be left behind as the world moves forward with the latest and greatest tools. At openace we focus our recruiting on candidates who are aware of the fact that their current skills are valued but as time goes forward this is an area where they need to upgrade and update.

First and foremost, we acknowledge and state this upfront because we realize we are privileged to have you join as a member of our organization. Furthermore, we also realize that like all long-term relationship, beyond the issue of mere recruiting the best, we have to put our best effort to retain the valued members of our organization.

Second but equally important is because being updated is our responsibility to our clients. They are requesting our advice on a topic because they did not want to invest years studying each option. Failure to commit to a continued program of employee education is akin to premeditated failure to be of the best of service to our clients.

Last but not least openace has a duty on to itself to not be left behind investing time, money and resources into a technology being phased out. Technology quite often changes in a non-linear manner where we as a company are required to not abandon what we already know but have to invest in these new technologies so as to be the best in service to our client.