Management Services:

Opeance CRM:

Our CRM solutions are designed to keep your costs down while increasing productivity and improving customer loyalty. The Openace CRM solutions strategy is to automate critical business processes and provide actionable insight into all customer interactions so you can focus on driving revenue growth, productivity and profit.

In today’s competitive environment, customers must be the number one priority for every department across an organization. A common challenge is to effectively create customer-centric departments while remaining focused on the critical drivers that make or break any business?reduced costs, improved productivity and increased revenue.

Openace’s CRM Implementation Methodologies:

Insight: A central repository for key customer information.
Fast access to all of the information you need to provide top-notch customer service as well as strategy and planning.

Access: Make customer information available to all who need it.
The first person a customer contacts within your organization will be able to handle any inquiry.

Effectiveness: Sales and marketing efforts should be measured.
Know what works, what does not. Invest resources where they will best pay off. Repeat processes that are known to work. Refine those that should work better.

Benefits of Openace CRM Implementation Methodology

  • Improve customer loyalty and profitability
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Utilize complete customer data
  • Shorten time to deployment
  • Easily customize to fit your needs
  • Leverage comprehensive functionality with on demand simplicity