Referral Program:

Help Us Grow:
At Openace we are constantly searching for intelligent and talented individuals to join our organization. Our company depends on people who are innovative and take a sense of pride in providing solutions that make a difference to our clients.
Our company culture is governed by our core values: Trust, Responsiveness, Dedication and Pride. There is always a place in our company for individuals that exhibit these qualities and we welcome referrals.
When referring an individual please carefully read the job description under the “Positions” section of our website, in order to ensure the individual possesses the necessary qualifications and experience required.

Employee Referral Program:

Our Employee Referral Bonus Program is designed to encourage and reward employees who refer qualified candidates to Openace.
For each successful hire, openace provides a referral bonus of $000.00 after a candidate has reached their six month anniversary with the company.


Individual must be hired within 180 days of referral for the referral bonus to be payable.
Referral bonuses will only be paid to existing employees who are actively employed by Openace at the time when the fee becomes payable as specified.
No referral bonus will be paid for candidates with whom openace has had employment discussions within six months preceding the submitted referral.
In the event that two employees refer the same individual, only the first referral will be eligible for payment based on (FIFO) first come first serve.