About Openace:

OPENACE LLC is a global enterprise consulting and technology services firm. We have grown exponentially to our current stature of being an innovative and competitive IT solutions provider. Equipped with qualified and experienced experts in state of the art technology, we effectively rise to the unique challenges in multi-cultural environments and have assisted clients in the implementation and integration of significant projects. We put our best foot forward in providing uncompromising quality, cost effectiveness for increased productivity, profitability and resource optimization to our clients. Specializing in EAI, e-commerce, content management systems, web end-to-end solutions, data warehousing, business intelligence, EDI applications, client server applications, web Services, security, networking, CRM and ERP applications. we are proud of our repeat client base and strive at retention. This has been made possible due to the exacting standards of recruiting and screening that we adhere to single-mindedly. Our services offering cut across various verticals including finance, banking, manufacturing, automation, telecommunications, government and health care arenas to name a few, and are tailored to many different kind of organizations some small and some large.

What we do?:

Openace develops complex custom software for clients using cutting edge technologies by understanding their business functions thoroughly. Our experience leverages enterprises the best IT Services for their application implementations, custom development and system integration projects.
Our experience in the business process outsourcing arena fully complements and strengthens our service spectrum and allows us to operate as an enterprise-class solution delivery company. Our solutions aim to provide high value by optimizing cost of ownership of technology investments for customers.

What we offer?:

Openace provides high-value IT Services and IT Solutions to a broad range of service-based industries. Openace helps clients maximize their return on investments through software development and IT consulting by providing qualified IT professionals for your IT needs. In addition, Openace provides a full suite of managed services, assuming complete responsibility for the all your IT processes and solutions. With its broad range of services and industry expertise. Openace can offer clients project specific solutions or a cost effective, single source provider to fulfill their multiple IT needs.

Partnering with Openace helps enterprises with cutting edge technologies & business solutions that will:

  • Lower overall IT costs.
  • Establish and improve service levels.
  • Free up capital for strategic initiatives.